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Premier Eman and Premier Rutte

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Premier Eman and Minister of Foreign Affairs Koenders




Photo: Santiago Cortes - Oficina di Prensa GME II


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Welcome to the Aruba Department of Foreign Affairs

When Aruba obtained its Status Aparte in 1986, foreign affairs started with a small office consisting of a head and an adviser. Since then, this small office grew into a dynamic department.

The Department of Foreign Affairs falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of General Affairs, led by the Prime Minister. Its main task is to assist the Prime Minister in formulating Aruba's foreign policy and to design programs to implement this policy. Aruba's Department of Foreign Affairs has various divisions which focus on different areas related to Aruba's foreign policy such as Legal issues and Treaties, Political andConsular Affairs and Economic and Public Diplomacy. It furthermore advises the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers on a continuous basis, in a number of areas such as:

  • International relations
  • Bilateral relations with other countries
  • International organizations
  • Treaties and other international instruments
  • Participation innational and international committees
  • Consular assistance
  • Visits from foreign dignitaries
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Protocol matters

In the performance of all its tasks the Department's main focus is always to enhance the recognition of Aruba in the international community and maintain Aruba's high profile. Aruba's prospects for security and prosperity depend largely on its ability to function in an open international system.