Investing in Aruba

One of the responsibilities of the Department is advising and contributing to investment policy formulation and monitoring international investment developments, for the purpose of a positive investment climate.

Why Aruba?

Political stability

Aruba has a politically stable parliamentary system.

Strategic location

Aruba is strategically located to serve the international business between South America, the United States, and Europe with direct sea and air connections.


Aruba has modern physical facilities with good roads and up to date utilities.

It has a modern and well developed communication infrastructure.

Educated, Multilingual workforce

Aruba has an educated, multilingual and friendly workforce. Education is based on the Dutch educational system.

Dutch Judicial System

Aruba's judicial system, which has been derived mainly from the Dutch system, operates independently of the legislative and the executive powers. Jurisdiction, including appeal, lies with the Common Court of Justice of Aruba and the Supreme Court of Justice in the Netherlands.

Quality of Life

Aruba has a quality of life featured by a high standard of living, modern and with all kinds of amenities and services, while maintaining an informal life style in a tropical and safe environment.

With the exception of 2001 and 2002 and 2009, Aruba has experienced an economic growth for the last 20 years.
After double digit growth rates during the late 1980s, the Aruban economy has settled to a more moderate pace in the 1990s. In 2009, nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) decreased with approximately -6.0%, reaching an estimated US$ 2,623 (Afl. 4,695) million, while GDP in real terms decreased by an estimated -1.6%. Nominal GDP per capita amounted to approximately US$ 24,573 (Afl. 43,986).

In order to maximize economic opportunities, the Government policy is primary focused on international developments. As a result, the most dynamic sectors of the economy are tourism, international trade and finance.
In Aruba, there is a well-established legislation in force, which has created an investment friendly environment through a combination of tax policies.

Promoting quality and capital intensive investments directed towards export coupled with limited labor force requirements, that can be met locally by technically highly skilled manpower, are the major thrusts of the Government policy.

In essence the economic policy aims to create high-level employment, transfer technology, control inflation, strengthen Aruba's financial and monetary foundation, increase productivity, distribute income equitably and substantially improve social conditions.

Moreover, public investments are continuously taking place in order to maintain the physical infrastructure. The airport facilities have been expanded, while the water and electricity plant and the telecommunication facilities are also being upgraded regularly to ensure the required levels of service and efficiency.

We look forward to your decision to become a part of our business community.

Investment information

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