Political Economic and Consular Division

The primary function of this division is to monitor and analyze the political (and economic) developments in the region and advise the Government of Aruba on these issues. Aruba as a small island in a globalizing world faces many external challenges. Our country's vulnerability towards external development is one of these challenges.

As international affairs are Kingdom's matters the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague together with Departments of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba determine our international policies. Internally the Division is also responsible for implementation of that policy domestically and through overseas posts.

The key function of this division is to ensure that the Ministry's stakeholders, including local departments and overseas posts, are furnished with sufficient information and publicity resources to achieve the objectives of promoting Aruba in the best manner. Besides political and diplomatic issues, the promotion of Aruba includes the economic potential Aruba has to offer.

Together with the Department of Economic Affairs, our Department undertakes strategic trade and economic analysis to support the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In close co-operation with non-governmental institutions and semi-private organizations responsible for trade and investments, the Division provides Kingdom's Consulate and Embassies with information regarding opportunities Aruba has to offer.

International Organizations

Aruba values the opportunity to work with other nations in international organizations where our voice can be heard on matters of international concern. Collectively we are able to achieve outcomes that would be unattainable as a small country. The Political and Economic Division (and the Legal Affairs & Treaties Division) is responsible for coordinating Aruba's position in the main forums like the United Nations, Caricom, Association of the Caribbean States (ACS) and other regional organizations. The Division provides policy advice to Ministers and assisting in preparing instructions for Aruban delegations, particularly on international security, peacekeeping, economic and social issues and good governance.

Consular Division

Consular Division provides advice on the protection of the interests and welfare of Arubans abroad. It gives guidance and direction to overseas posts and Consuls in the provision of assistance to Aruban citizens, the delivery of notarial and other legal services, services on behalf of other Government agencies.

The Division is also responsible the authentication of documents for use overseas and the provision of documents to facilitate overseas travel.