About Us

When Aruba obtained its Status Aparte in 1986, foreign affairs started with a small office consisting of a head and an adviser. In twenty years time it has grown into a dynamic Department with a flexible team off 7 academics and 7 supporting personnel. Mr. Agustin Vrolijk directs the Department which is essentially divided into two divisions; the Legal Affairs and Treaties Division and the Economic Consular and Political Division.

The Department of Foreign Affairs falls under the responsibility of the Prime Minister. Its main task is to assist the Prime Minister in formulating foreign policy and to design programs to implement this policy. It furthermore advises the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers on a continuous basis, in a number of areas:

  • International relations
  • Bilateral relations
  • International organizations
  • International treaties and instruments
  • Participation in national committees
  • Consular assistance
  • Visits from foreign dignitaries
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Protocol matters

In the performance of all its tasks the Departments's main focus is always to enhance the recognition of Aruba in the international community and maintain Aruba's positive image.

Aruba's prospects for security and prosperity depend largely on its ability to function in an open international system. Aruba's Foreign Affairs logo symbolizes the bridge it aims to build between the many opportunities and challenges taking place on the international field and developments that take place nationally. Its symbolizes a vision that extends far beyond our borders.