Succesful policy dialogue on foreign affairs in the kingdom

BOBB na St. Maarten.jpg

The yearly policy dialogue on foreign affairs (BOBB) with the participation of  the Directors of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Aruba Mr. Edwin Abath, Mr. Arthur Kibbelaar from Curacao, Mrs. Khalilah Peters from St Maarten, and Advisor Kingdom Affairs (MFA), Nout van Woudenberg, was held earlier this week.

The consultations took place in St. Maarten, but Aruba participated via Skype connection and Director Abath was assisted by colleague Peter Davidse, Legal Advisor of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Several topics were discussed amongst others, the situation on the different countries in the region, the status if the international organizations, the implantation of the sanctions imposed by the United Nations and the European Union as well as the current campaign by the Kingdom to secure a seat in the UN Security Council.

The next meeting will take place in February 2016 and Aruba will then be the host country.