Recently Appointed Kingdom Ambassadors Visit Aruba

ambassadorsThe Government of the Kingdom of The Netherlands recently appointed three new ambassadors.

After a few years without diplomatic representation in Surinam, Mr. Ernst Noorman was appointed as Kingdom Ambassador in Surinam with jurisdiction in Guyana as well.

The other recently appointed ambassadors are Mr. Dirk Janssen as Ambassador in Panama and Mr. Jules Bijl as Ambassador in Trinidad & Tobago with jurisdiction in 7 other Easter Caribbean countries.

The Kingdom Ambassador based in Colombia and First Embassy Secretary Regional Affairs Caribbean based in Cuba, Mrs. Liesbeth Mol, were also in Aruba to join the other ambassadors attending the Green Aruba Conference.

The ambassadors also met with Prime Minister Eman, the President of the Aruba Parliament Mrs. Lopez-Tromp and also with the Parliament Committee for Kingdom and Foreign Affairs.

With the Department of Foreign Affairs being the main contact for all ambassadors, Director Edwin Abath and the policy advisors spoke at length with the ambassadors to get an update of the situation in their respective countries and to explore the different areas of cooperation to jointly reach any specific goals for Aruba as part of a broader picture of the foreign affairs of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Amb JanssenAmb NoormanAmb Bijl